Brandon’s introduction to retail began at an early age at his family’s office supply and furniture store. Upon graduating university, he went on to work for Harold Powell.  Founded in 1948 in Norman, Oklahoma, Harold Powell was a premier retailer of men’s and women’s apparel.  Brandon started off in sales and was promptly promoted to assistant manager and eventually men's manager of Harold’s flagship store in Highland Park Village in Dallas, Texas. While in this capacity he also was asked to lead the men’s catalog division. Harold's continued to grow and so did Brandon’s responsibilities within the company. He was then given the role of district manager supervising multiple stores in multiple states as well as opening new store locations.

Ralph Lauren recruited him as the General Men’s Manager for the Flagship Store in NYC overseeing the first 2 floors of what is commonly referred to as "The Mansion” on Madison Ave. Brandon’s incredible ability to both, clientele and style was appreciated and he was promoted to the mansion’s Assistant General Manager. This role included handling all the shopping needs of the Lauren Family, VIP and celebrities. As Brandon states himself, "There is a glamour side and a practical side to retail and I was fortunate enough to experience both of these at Ralph Lauren". Ultimately, Brandon became the Mansion’s Director. As Director, he was responsible for executing Mr. Lauren's vision.  He was asked to tell a story that would make Mr. Lauren's vision come to life every single day through visual and client experiences. Brandon recalls that Mr. Lauren once said to him, "it's very difficult to make something out of nothing but to recreate this glamorous world every day may be even more difficult." And indeed that was the daily successful task entrusted to him.


Brandon left Ralph Lauren when he was recruited by Ann Taylor as District Manager for NYC.  Within ninety days of being hired, he was promoted as the company’s Regional Vice President of NYC.  Upon this latest career promotion, he became Ann Taylor’s youngest person ever to be assigned these responsibilities.


Brandon eventually wanted to explore another passion of his – architecture and design. He started his own interior design company and moved cross country to California.  After satisfying his urge to venture into design, he was once again called by his true passion – retail.  This time it was Gucci. Brandon says, “selling here for 3 years has really been such a wonderful experience in so many ways. I have been able to meet and assist some amazing people who have such passion for what they do. This desert community has inspired me.”  Perhaps, it is this ability to connect with those who come in contact with him that have served Brandon so well in his impressive retail career.  

Leaving Gucci to open Presage on El Paseo was a way to experience a start-up retail fashion business - which does not happen often anymore. While this start-up was short-lived (2 years), it was a very gratifying experience and once again connected Brandon to the vibrant community of the desert.  Presage was a place where clients become friends and meaningful relationships developed. “While I have always had a fascination with fine jewelry design and the incredible history of important diamonds and gemstones, this gave me an entry to fully explore that fascination.” Brandon went on to work for Joseph Goott Fine Jewelry Collection, and opened a boutique for them inside Maison Felice - creating a brand and a following. While there he felt it important to have a formal education so he began studies at the Gemology Institute of America (GIA). He has since graduated with his jeweler’s degree but as he says, “I’m not stopping here, there is always so much to learn.”


In the spring of 2020, Brandon decided that it was time to launch his own brand - Brandon Boswell Diamonds.  While probably not the most conventional time in history to launch a new business, he felt that it was his time.  Brandon has fulfilled one of his life-long dreams of owning his own retail business.  Hard-working with an entrepreneur’s spirit and business acumen , he has harnessed his 35 years in specialty high end luxury to create Brandon Boswell Diamonds.  Brandon believes trust is the cornerstone for any successful relationship or business.  “In life and in business you are only as good as your word, this is a small community and a small industry.”  He further states, “I am humbled and extremely grateful to have gained the trust of some of the most successful men and women in the world.  This opportunity has enabled me to establish priceless relationships while being privy to the most beautiful diamonds and gemstones from around the world.  I source the best diamonds and gemstones per my client's requests from my global network, always with value, quality and beauty for my clients.”  

Brandon Boswell