Why Brandon Boswell Diamonds?

We love, live and breathe what we do.  The idea that something that took millions of years to create and that humans figured out how to pull from the earth and manipulate, can turn into the beautiful, sparkly stones we so highly value today is something we greatly value.  Over the years in the business, I have come to truly appreciate a beautiful stone. We appreciate the craftsmanship that went into cutting and polishing it and I love the fire, sparkle, and romance of diamonds and gemstones.


With Brandon Boswell Diamonds (BBD) you get to have the one-on-one personal treatment from start to finish.  We'll always find you the best price, and product for your needs. Customer satisfaction is very important. We respect and value our customers greatly and love seeing smiles on people's faces.

35 Years in Specialty High End Luxury 

With an entrepreneur's spirit and business acumen, Brandon believes trust is the cornerstone for any successful relationship or business.

"In life and in business, you are only as good as your word - this is a small community and a small industry."

Extraordinary Craftsmanship

At BBD we work one-on-one with our clients, providing key concepts and prototypes to end products. With incomparable creativity, teamwork, and professionalism we devise only the best jewelry creations, manufacturing traditional to avant-garde creations for clients, always with consistency at all levels.


Our Fine Jewelry Collection

I take our health seriously because at the end of the day our health and happiness is all that matters.  Because of that I am following all of the recommended CDC and the state of California protocols and requirements seriously.  
Please see the attached link to see what I’m doing to take care of our health and happiness: Covid Protocols

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